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why people love shrooms

Why People Love Shrooms: The Rise of Fungi

Why people love shrooms? Magic mushrooms have been becoming the sought-after psychoactive and hallucinogenic substance of today. It is also called by some other names such as shrooms, blue meanies, mushies, magics, agaric, Philosopher’s stone, zoomers, Simple Simon, and liberty caps.

Magic mushroom is a wild and naturally-occurring mushroom which contains psilocybin. Magic mushrooms look similar to dried ordinary mushrooms characterized by whitish-gray, long and slender stems and dark brown caps with a light brown or white in the center. Generally, magic mushrooms look like many other mushrooms, even the poisonous ones. However, these kinds of mushrooms bring a distinct and more pleasant effect than other mushrooms and even to other psychoactive substances, which is why people love shrooms.
Many ancient civilizations have been utilizing and benefiting from the hallucinogenic effects of these mushrooms since way before. Still, psilocybin was first isolated during 1958 by the same person who discovered LSD, Dr. Albert Hoffman.


When taken, magic mushrooms only require about 20 to 40 minutes before taking effect and will last for about 6 hours. Its duration of being detectable depends on the test kit, but with regular test kits, it is only detectable for 8 hours, and just like any other drugs can be traced in the hair follicles for up to 90 days.

Wild and Natural

Magic mushrooms are also associated with self-discovery and spiritual encounters, which is why people love shrooms. These magic mushrooms are wild and naturally-occurring substances in nature, which led people to believe that these mushrooms, just like weeds and mescaline, are sacred herbs meant to allow people to experience a higher level of a spiritual state. It is only one example of why people love shrooms. Still, there are many others, including its ability to allow people to experience a new and different sense of time, euphoria, connection, and other pleasant experiences that appear to be real but do not exist.

All of these astonishing effects of shrooms are brought and caused by the presence of psilocybin in shrooms. Psilocybin belongs to the group of drugs called psychedelics. When psilocybin is taken, it gets converted into a chemical substance called psilocin inside the body, mainly causing the psychoactive properties experienced by the one who took it.

Shrooms mainly affect individuals and people differently because of other factors such as its size and type, the immediate environment, health condition, personality, and mental condition of the person taking it, but this uniqueness adds to why people love shrooms.

Medical Uses of Shrooms

Aside from people who desire to be engaged in a deeper level of understanding oneself, some people will have to count on shrooms to be in a better state of mind and health, in general.

Shrooms for Mental Illnesses

A five-year study about magic mushrooms and psilocybin states that its effects on mental illnesses are similar to undergoing physical disorders. It includes treating depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychological distress, anxiety, alcohol, cocaine, smoking addiction, and cancer-related psychiatric distress. It also allows a significant reduction in the symptoms experienced by these patients because of their health conditions.

After conducting several studies and clinical trials involving psilocybin, it is found out that the FDA regards this psilocybin therapy as “breakthrough treatment” for depression. Anxiety and other psychological distress experienced by people diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer are a strong health issue in which magic mushrooms could be of help.

Getting Over from Addiction

Magic mushrooms also offer significant aid in being able to get over an addiction to substances such as nicotine in smoking, cocaine, and alcohol. Psilocybin therapy, according to the result of the study conducted by the Johns Hopkins University, has allowed an individual to abstain from smoking for 12 months. Magic mushrooms are mainly because shrooms allow people to be more open, more creative, and be more appreciative of beauty. They allow them to step out of the routine that their body is used to and opens the view of a bigger picture of life for the people suffering from addiction.

These are also related to the ability of magic mushrooms to dissolve one’s ego and promote creativity, which is an issue dealt with and studied by behavioral sciences.

Magic mushrooms have mind-altering effects for all types of people, whether diagnosed with a mental illness or have personally identified the need for help. It can provide a form of assistance and aid for them to be more adaptive and appreciative of life and other problems or circumstances that they are facing. For this particular reason, it is justified why people love shrooms.

Why People Love Shrooms

There are several methods in taking shrooms, but all of them are simple and easy to do, which adds to the many reasons why people love shrooms. Types such as liberty caps can be taken raw, immediately after picking. Shrooms can also be taken as a tea, after merely being brewed, or mixed with other drinks. On the other hand, some people prefer to mix it with food such as omelets and soups. Lastly, one of the most common ways of taking shrooms is to get dried before consuming it. This method is also another way to preserve shrooms after having them picked, and a way of intensifying its effects as the number of active ingredients in dried mushrooms is 10 times higher than when it is still fresh. All these ease and numerous ways of intaking shrooms make it suitable or available for different personality types and preferences, which serve as an addition to why people love shrooms.

Waking Dream Effect

The feelings and your overall experience after taking shrooms are often called “trips.” Trips brought by shrooms are often regarded as something different from the usual high that you get from other psycho altering drugs. Studies show that the effect of shrooms on the brain is similar to when someone is dreaming. This “waking dream” feeling is one of the most significant explanations of why people love shrooms. This effect involves making people feel giggly, energized, excited, and in awe of everything present in the environment. This even makes people see colors and hear music causing them to feel more pleased with their environment; shrooms also give this feeling of an alteration in the sense of time of the people under its influence. Being more enthusiastic about the present situation that a person is in currently adds to the motivations why people love shrooms.

Its Uses

The use of shrooms and the effects that it gives is generally described as a “mind-broadening’ sensation. Shrooms enable its users to engage in a deeper connection and discovery with themselves and the world around them through mind-altering. This is why users often associate this experience with self-discovery, spiritual superiority, mind exploration, and genuine understanding. Shrooms stand out from the usual drugs taken nowadays, and this, according to many, is why people love shrooms.

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