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Tag: magic mushrooms 10 odd-facts

magic mushrooms 10 odd-facts

Fact About Magic Mushrooms: 10 Odd Facts

When people hear about the term “magic mushrooms”, they usually associate it with actual magic tricks but not on the fact about magic mushrooms. There are some that might even associate it with the popular video game from Nintendo called “Super Mario Bros.”, due to the mushroom power-up Mario uses (the main character) to get an extra hitpoint (HP) before defaulting to his default form. His fans coined that mushroom power-up as a “Magic Mushroom” throughout the years of his video game life.

But enough of that gaming talk, and let’s focus on the actual association of the magic mushroom to the actual, real-life plant that it originated from, the psilocybin mushroom, which it also goes by the name of psychedelic mushroom.

This mushroom belongs to a family tree of fungi, a specific polyphyletic group of those said fungi, wherein it usually contains two known drug compounds, namely psilocybin and psilocin respectively. Those compounds are known to create psychedelic effects such as hallucinations, euphoria, and other related symptoms to marijuana/cannabis when consumed or used as an ingredient to consumables.

Let’s discuss the types before we talk about the fact about magic mushrooms

Types of Magic Mushrooms

There are many kinds of magic mushrooms that are currently known to man, which some are named and listed below:

● Copelandia
● Gymnopilus
● Inocybe
● Panaeolus
● Pholiotina
● Pluteus
● Psilocybe

Aside from those mentioned above, there are over 100 species of other mushrooms that contain the said drug compounds, which can produce the same effect. Due to those effects, it is very popular in the black market for drugs, wherein it is seen by most federal laws as a controlled substance. But ironically, it has been recorded centuries ago as being used as a ceremonial item in various religious regions in Central America.

10 Odd Fact About Magic Mushrooms

After going through the history of it, now we look at the odd facts about magic mushrooms that are known and recorded by medical professionals and by various medical institutes around the world today, which are listed below:

1. Brain Hyperconnectivity

Thanks to psilocybin, the connectivity of one’s brain areas are boosted once they have consumed the said compound. It does so by making the brain synchronize the areas of it not usually connected with the activities it is doing. That results in the sensation of “mind-melting”, which ironically, does the opposite to the user’s brain after consumption.

2. Slowing Brain Activity

It may sound bad and contradictory to the first fact mentioned, but it instead helps with the connectivity of the brain’s areas by slowing down other areas not used for brain activity, resulting in a more smooth flow of information in the brain.

3. Magic Mushrooms History

You may not believe it, but magic mushrooms go away long back in human history. As mentioned earlier, the prominent users of this in ancient times are people from Central America. However, people from European countries have been also recorded in consuming this type of mushroom.

4. Connections With… Santa?

Connecting magic mushrooms to the famous jolly, bearded red saint that kids adore and wait for during Christmas might sound surreal, but there is. According to records, the Siberian shamans have been known as gifters of this mushroom that causes hallucinating effects to the households that they visited, wherein the members of the said household would hallucinate flying reindeers, which are considered by the shamans as a spirit animal, therefore linking it to Santa’s story.

5. Changing People for Good

Since the mushroom itself has drug compounds on it, it can be used to alter one’s adult personality over time with continuous consumption of it. Those changes would be noticeable to the people surrounding the user, which is noted by the user being more open to new experiences and changes, being more creative, appreciating art more, valuing novelty and emotion better than before.

6. Fear Thrown Out of the Window

If you need to be literally fearless, just consume some magic mushrooms and you’ll be more fearless than any superhero known to fans. The main culprit for this is the drug compound psilocybin, removing fear and anxiety, and then making the user more relaxed to its surroundings. Currently, it has been only tested and proven on animals, but the potential of this for treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) to many people are positively high.

7. Self-production of Wind

Aside from providing high to people who consume it, mushrooms (in general) help in the ecosystem of plant reproduction and life in most forests that they grow in. They have an uncanny ability to produce wind by the combination of evaporation, water vapor, and cool air that results in the lifting of spores within the mushroom’s area.

8. They Are Many

Mushroom here, mushroom there, mushroom everywhere! As mentioned earlier, they have over 100 species (144 species to be exact), so you are sure to find many of them in the wild. Just make sure to know which one is which, to avoid confusing them with each other.

9. Many Kinds of Mushrooms Research

Many professional researchers and their accompanying institutes around the world are currently researching the benefits of magic mushrooms to people suffering from various mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, and other known mental disorders.

10. Animals Can Be Affected Too

Not only to us humans that the psychedelic effects are known but to animals as well. There have been multiple recordings and news wherein animals became trippy after eating the said mushrooms, but have fully recovered ever since. Some animals, like the Siberian reindeer, have a taste for magic mushrooms, but it is unknown if they fully feel the effects of it.

Overall Conclusion

As we have seen in this article today, magic mushrooms have a host of benefits that can positively affect people who consume the said kind of mushroom. Additionally, many kinds of research are being done in order to fully utilize the positive effects and benefits that it may bring to humans when processed into a form of medication.

Hopefully, in the near future, most states and countries will allow the usage/consumption of this, in order to fully reap its benefits.
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