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Are you looking for shrooms for sale online? The majority of us know that mushrooms are a mere ingredient for a particular recipe and adds a flavorful taste to it. But perhaps at one point, when you search for shrooms for sale online, you will find out that some sites are selling what they called “magic mushrooms”. Though it sounds strange and funny, you might be wondering what’s with this so-called magic mushroom and what its use?

Known for many names like mushies, golden tops, philosopher’s stone, and sometimes just shrooms, the Magic mushroom is a type of recreational drug and is considered one of the safest among those under the psychedelic classifications. Many who already experience it describe its effect as something “spiritual” and “mystical”. Yet, magic mushrooms also offer many medical benefits, particularly in the psychological aspect.

What Is Magic Mushroom?

Magic Mushroom or Psilocybin mushroom is a kind of mushroom genus that is unlike the other species of a fungus because it contains psychedelic properties. One can readily recognize a magic mushroom with its distinct appearance featuring white-grey or dark brown caps with white/brown parts on the center and a long, thin stem. When this mushroom is dried, its colors shift to a rusty-brown.
There are more than 200 species of mushrooms that are said to have psychedelic properties. Among the most common and potent are P.azurescens, P.semilanceata, and P.cyanescens. Other than species, they can also further subdivided into different strains with each can offer unique properties and effects to anyone who takes them.

The mystical-like experience being induced one you take a magic mushroom happens due to psilocin which is the converted version of Psilocybin as you ingest it. It increases the level of your serotonin in your body, which is commonly known as the “happy hormone” which leads to hallucinations, altered consciousness, synesthesia, and “trippy” feeling.

Its effect usually begins 20 to 40 minutes after taking it and ends for about 6 hours. There is a particular belief, especially with its ties to ancient culture as early as 9000 BC, that magic shroom was utilized to attain a spiritual state. This is quite similar to the likes of weeds which like shrooms are natural drugs and not chemical-based.

Commonly, a magic mushroom is taken orally by eating it whole. But due to some who reported that it has some not-so-good taste, many dispensaries sell it in powder form to add in drinks like a tea or suggest to take it with sweetener to counter its taste.
Benefits of Magic Mushroom

Besides its infamous psychedelic effects, some studies have shown that magic mushroom proves to be potent alternative medicine for treating psychological conditions like mood and anxiety disorders as well as addiction. One study being conducted in London has also shown remarkable results on the magic mushroom’s potential to alleviate the effects of depression. In another study, it also displays a possibility of Psilocybin as a means to reduce the symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder for up to 100%.

There is also finished research made around the 2000s that supports Psilocybin as a natural treatment for cluster headache wherein 50% of those who take the trial reports that they are thoroughly treated.

For those who are into arts and creative pursuits, microdosing (taking only 0.05 to 0.25g) their intake of magic mushroom can significantly boost both their energy and creativity for their projects and amplify their general mood.

Shrooms For Sale Online

Because of the growing legality of different recreational drugs, many online dispensary shops in Canada also offer varieties of magic mushrooms. The products you can buy online are suitable for those who want to experience it in different forms from the usually dried mushrooms; spores extract to tea bags. Cultivators can also purchase seeds and cultivation tools for magic mushrooms if they want to start venturing in the magic shroom business.

Recommended Shrooms

For starters, you can try the following varieties of magic mushroom and experience for yourself the “magic” behind it:

Golden Teachers – though it may not look that pleasing in the eye, Golden Teachers is actually among the most popular strain of magic mushroom in store. It is known for its bliss-like and peaceful sensation.

African Transkei – another hit magic mushroom strain is tracing its roots from Africa. African Transkei is perfect for anyone who seeks a spiritual trip.

Golden Mammoth – Golden Mammoth comes from a fruitful 13 years of development to make it among the recommended Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms. It’s the right choice for those who prefer microdosing.

Wollongong Psilocybe Cubensis – Wollongong is a strain found in Illawarra Cliffs in Australia. It boasts a beautiful colorful sensation after ingesting.

Amazonian Cubensis – This strain was discovered in Amazon in 1992, and afterwards, it became one of the popular strains being cultivated. It is infamous for inducing beautiful geometric patterns and thoughtful insights upon taking it.

Where To Buy Shrooms Online

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Based on the 2017 survey done by the Global Drug Survey, magic mushrooms are shown to be safe, and don’t receive any medical attention since it is not addictive, unlike other drugs. However, one must also take some responsible dosing with shrooms because overdosing could lead to adverse effects like headaches.

Magic mushrooms should be taken, among other things, in moderation, to harness its beneficial impacts further. Always remember to use it wisely and most of all, enjoy the sensation it brings. Happy trip!
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