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Golden Teachers

Golden Teachers

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3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams

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This well sought-after strain delivers a euphoric and creative energy boost- inspiring metaphysical philosophies that lead to unconditional happiness, peace and spiritual understanding.



The Golden Teacher mushroom strain is the most popular psychedelic fungi, highly sought by shroomers and growers alike. There are many things about the Golden Teacher mushrooms which contribute to their popularity. This strain of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms has an air of mystery and this is what makes this fungi so special. Golden Teachers are fairly new and they first appeared during the 1980s. The exact origins are unknown but it is highly recognizable because of the specks of yellow on its golden caps. Compared to most other strains of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms, Golden Teachers generally have a more elegant appearance.


The recommended dose for dried Golden Teacher mushrooms is between 1 gram to 2.5 grams. For most experienced shroomers, this dose may be quite small. However, this smaller dose allows novice shroomers to have a margin of error, if they have never ingested Golden Teachers before.


Those who are new to the world of psychedelics and shrooms can count on the Golden Teachers for a reliable trip. There is a much lower chance of having a bad trip with Golden Teacher mushrooms. Hence, why they are often a gateway shroom for magic mushroom newbies.


Golden Teachers are also highly admired for their spiritual and/or shamanic effects, which is why this mushroom isn’t just for casual tripping. It can also be used for gaining new insights about yourself and the universe.


It is not uncommon for the Golden Teacher mushrooms to produce a feeling of enlightenment and a deeper connection to nature. Spirit healers turn to Golden Teacher mushrooms as a tool for restoring the mind and the spirit.

Microdose: 50-500 mg
Creative dose: 0.5–1g (test out these doses before taking at work!)
Typical Recreational dose: 2–3g (a full trip dose)
Heroic dose 5-8 g (Do not try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)
God dose 10-28 g (Do not try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)
Take advantage of the synergistic effects from our select blends of microdose stacks
Our stacks can replace your medicine cabinet of nootropics supplements or even SSRI medication.


– To reduce the frequency and intensity of undesirable states caused by conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Alcoholism, Addiction, Mood Disorders, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, OCD, BPD among others
– To increase desirable states and outcomes, including Creativity, Energy, Productivity, Focus. Flow States, Better Relationships, Personal Boundary Development, Athletic Coordination, Leadership Development, and many others.


This information is just for a general overview please contact us for more information to see which is the right stack or dose for you.

7 reviews for Golden Teachers

  1. PL

    Damn!!! These things are good!!

  2. Byron

    Had a shroom night with a bunch of friends and we had the most amazing time of our lives! We all took about 1.5g and have NEVER laughed so much in our lives. I’ve been microdosing for a month now and found it to have very positive dramatic effects. I have ptsd and depression and everything just simply melted away when I was on this lol Not sure if you guys know this, but you are literally saving lives!!!!!

  3. Jenny D

    This was probably the scariest thing i’ve ever ordered online hahahh I was so happy when it got here and they even gave me a free little chocolate!!

  4. Terry K

    Thank you so much! the whole purchase process has been very professional. Nice job and thanks again.

  5. Queenie

    They’re so nice to always throw in free goodies with all my purchases!

  6. Joselyn L

    You guys are the best!!! Thanks for the free microdose pills! I’m going to try them all!!

  7. chrismorell.guitar

    These guys have helped me so much. My quality of life is better in every way, from work, to home, to relationships. And the customer service I’ve recieved from them is top notch!
    Thank you so much for making this product available!

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