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Everyday Ape Stack

Everyday Ape Stack

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Everyday Ape – Reishi Stack

The Ultimate Calming Solution

These Psilocybin Mushroom Capsules are formulated with Reishi Mushrooms to calm your mind, reduce anxiety, and promote sleep. Everyday Ape will ground and center us through our everyday stresses. This blend is made to not make you drowsy while supporting the body’s natural sleep cycles and boost the immune system. Fights fatigue and depression and helps prevent and slow aging of cells.



Psilocybe Cubensis (Golden Teachers)
Reishi Extract
Our Reishi stack combined with Psilocybin mushrooms is a great everyday nootropic. Its synergistic effects assist the body in resisting physical, chemical, and biological stressors.
Some preliminary studies have shown that Reishi mushrooms can decrease anxiety and depression.
Reishi mushrooms have also shown to improve the quality of life for those with:
– Heart diseases
– High blood pressure
– High cholesterol
– Diabetes
– Cancer
– Insomnia
– Stomach poisoning
– And much more


– Helps stabilize sleep cycles and should be taken in the morning before breakfast
– Helps boost the immune system
– Fights fatigue and depression
– Acts as an antioxidant
– Helps prevent and decrease damage to cells


Microdose: 50-500 mg
Creative dose: 0.5–1g (test out these doses before taking at work!)
Typical Recreational dose: 2–3g (a full trip dose)
Heroic dose 5-8 g (Do not try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)
God dose 10-28 g (Do not try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)-Take advantage of the Synergetic effects of our select Blends of Microdose stack
– Our Stacks can replace your medicine cabinet of nootropics supplements or even SSRI medication.


– To reduce the frequency and intensity of undesirable states caused by conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Alcoholism, Addiction, Mood Disorders, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, OCD, BPD among others
– To increase desirable states and outcomes, including Creativity, Energy, Productivity, Focus. Flow States, Better Relationships, Personal Boundary Development, Athletic Coordination, Leadership Development, and many others


This information is just for a general overview please contact us for more information to see which is the right stack or dose for you.

8 reviews for Everyday Ape Stack

  1. BP

    I have anxiety, depressionand chronic back pain. Ive been taking 2 at a time and the results i’ve felt r unbeliveable . Life seems livable and I have an overall positive and calm overview of life now! These things really makes the pain disappear and allows me to carry on my days without the weight on my shoulders I had before. I even feel the effects when i’m not on it (during the days you’re not supposed to take it). Best prices, quality and service anyone could ask for. Thank you

  2. Bridgette

    I’m completely new to microdosing and magic mushrooms in general. I’ve had a lot of success with these pills! Can’t find the all the words to describe how blessed I feel to have found you guys. My husband and I are loyal to you guys for life! Keep it up!

  3. Jojo

    I’ve taken almost 30 different types of meds for pain. This is hands down the best for pain. My job requires me to always be driving and can’t be distracted at any point in time. Once I take these, the pain fades away. I’m focused and calm for hours on end. NOTHING compares to this. I’ve literally taken every single pain killer you can name and this solves my issues. Service and price are 5/5. Thank you.

  4. Alicia

    Can’t believe i’m saying this but you’ve turned me into a believer! I tried these with my husband and it was beautiful! Thank you guys soo much! No words can express how great your products are!

  5. Richie D

    Great products and service! I’ve tried a lot of different microdosing products such as the ones from Mastermind. The Everyday Ape are absolutely amazing. It does everything it says it does. Trusted Trip blends are hands down the best i’ve ever had. Can’t beat the pricing and quality. Thank you

  6. Cecilia

    I have been hearing about the benefits of microdosing for some time now and did not know how to approach it but the team at onlineshroomdispensary were nothing short of amazing and professional right down to the smallest details to reassure me the product I was choosing would be suitable for me.
    I’ve been taking Everyday Ape for over 2 weeks and I have now included this with my daily supplements! My stress levels are controlled and my sleep is noticeably better! THANK YOU to the team <3

  7. Veronica

    Finally someone has made reishi with psilocybin. Been on this for 1 month now and i have noticed my energy levels are up and my stress levels from work have dropped significantly! Can’t thank you guys enough.

  8. Harry S

    Just been on this for 1 week and i am very happy with my results. Can’t wait to see how everything is after 1 month!

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